Vehicle Generators


Born from the deep-rooted experience of Volpi Tecno Energia in the field of generator sets, MOVE is the brand dedicated to generators for vehicular, military and residential use.

From 4 Kilowatt up, the MOVE vehicle generators are the most SILENT, COMPACT and LIGHT with the same performance.

The technologies developed by Volpi Tecno Energia are able to reduce the overall dimensions to a minimum, thus guaranteeing lower weight and greater efficiency of the generators that are ideal for installation on trucks, military vehicles or any other type.

MOVE generators are the quietest: moreover, even the vibrations are reduced to a minimum and make MOVE products always competitive on the market.

Thanks to the production flexibility of the Trieste plant and thanks to the technical skills developed in the sector, Volpi Tecno Energia is able to design and manufacture customized products tailor-made according to customer needs.

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