Based on Volpi Tecno Energia's long-standing experience in the generating set sector, the MOVE brand is dedicated to generators for vehicular, military and residential use.

From 4 kilowatts upwards, MOVE vehicular generators are the QUIETEST, MOST COMPACT and LIGHTEST available, while delivering excellent performance.

The technologies developed by Volpi Tecno Energia enable dimensions to be reduced to a minimum, thus guaranteeing lighter and more powerful generators, which are ideal for installation on lorries and military or any other type of vehicles.

MOVE generators are the quietest: in addition, vibrations are also reduced to a minimum, making MOVE products consistently competitive on the market.

Thanks to the productive flexibility of the Trieste factory and the technical expertise developed in the sector, Volpi Tecno Energia is able to design and produce customized products created ad hoc on the basis of customer requirements.

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