VTE's marine generating sets are the point of reference for the market thanks to the optimal ratio between performance, noiselessness and compact dimensions.

The PAGURO range is very broad, enabling the fulfilment of all power and performance requirements for both yachts and motor boats.

Both the engine and the alternator of Paguro generators are water-cooled: without the need for ventilation for cooling, the noise is drastically reduced. In addition, the external shell has a single small hole for the inlet of comburent air, with a labyrinth layout which prevents the emission of noise; the outer shell is made of multilayered reinforced glass fibre and coated in high-density neoprene for maximum soundproofing.

Light and compact
Every product in the Paguro range is conceived, designed and manufactured with ad hoc components for reducing dimensions and utilizing empty interior spaces. Thanks to VTE technology, every Paguro generator is more compact, yet with the same energy performance. Like the Paguro 2000 which, with a weight of just 46 kg and ultra-compact dimensions (47 x 40 x h 47 cm), continuously produces 2 kW.

VTE generators are equipped with alarm and load indicators with LED light post for immediate evaluation of the delivered power. They stop automatically in the event of low oil pressure or over-temperature.

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